Why Use Darbox?

Save up to 70%! You can benefit by using Darbox!

3 Steps to SAVE using Darbox packaging

 Choose Darbox

Look at the Whole Picture:

1.   Use high-quality UN packaging you can count on every time.

2.   Receive reliable, flexible, experienced and convenient supplies.

3.   Guarantee safe and secure transit and storage.

4.   Comply with environmental responsibilities.

5.   Minimize logistics and supply chain costs.

6.   Use a reliable, secure, attractive and user-friendly package.

Save Costs with Darbox!

1.   Maximize space with compact, nestable packs when empty, and Save up to 70%!

2.   Maximize product packed per load when full, certified to stack up to 3 meters highSave up to 30-45% outbound costs!

3.  Save time and labor in production and warehouse: User-friendly and safe, with no clamp rings!




 Added-values of Darbox packaging also include:

√   Open-top = ease of filling, emptying

√   Conical shape = compact nesting

√   Many color options for branding and product identification

√   Eco-friendly, Food-grade, Recyclable 100% plastic HDPE and PP materials

√   Patented, registered designs